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Hello! My name is William VanderVeen and I’m a product designer originally from North Carolina, currently residing in New York. I’m a huge advocate for user-centered design and am always on the lookout for how to balance user needs with business goals. I also love typography: making super weird typefaces and photographing signage. Thanks so much for visiting! Feel free to take a look around and let me know if you have any questions.

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Score App (iOS)

Need tickets to the big game? Whether it’s basketball or football, golf or mixed martial arts, Score can get you there. With Score you can browse upcoming sporting events, track where your favorite teams are playing, and purchase confidently with Ticketmaster’s verified guarantee. Score also provides event details to help deliver hype and drive conversion. I designed all aspects of the Score product including UX, UI, and brand identity.

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Ticketmaster App: ADP/VDP (iOS)

The Artist Detail Page (ADP) and Venue Detail Page (VDP) bring all relevant information on these topics to the forefront. Before the introduction of these features, details for artists and venues were nearly impossible to find, buried under far too many screens in the Ticketmaster app. Now presented alongside search, users have easy access to this information, helping to provide clarity before they select an event.

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Sketches And Process Mockups
Artist Detail Page
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Ticketmaster App: Home Screen Redesign (Android)

The Ticketmaster App home screen redesign effort (Android) was part of a larger initiative to improve the browse and search experiences for both iOS and Android. Within the totality of the design work, I focused on the browse experience (UX and UI) for Android, working closely with another designer focused on the browse experience for iOS. Due to technical limitations, not all design work could be implemented. However, the breadth and quality of the work influenced the direction of multiple other products within the Ticketmaster organization.

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Home Screen Redesign
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Sūmus App Concept

Sūmus is an interreligious devotional app designed for the iPhone and iPad. In an attempt to establish greater empathy between diverse religious groups, Sūmus provides devotional content that draws similarities between different religious texts, songs, rituals, etc. By showing that universal themes and values can be found in a variety of doctrines, app users are more able to empathize with other cultures.

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